Volunteer agreement best protects your business

If You own a business or you run a not-for-profit organization and you make use of Volunteers or unpaid internships, you should consider drafting a volunteer agreement in order to protect your business/not-for-profit organization. Volunteer agreements allows the establishment of rules and regulations that…



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A Cabinet maker is anyone who can professionally make furniture or a high- quality structure ( such as a cabinet ) out of wood. He or she is professional trained in the art of woodwork in a formal or Informal school…

Most traders lose in the Financial market

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Over 95% of Financial traders lose money when trading the markets (stock markets, Forex markets, or the Commodities markets), and the reasons behind this trend can be categorized into five (5) distinct groups. Even though Every trader at some point in his/her trading journey will lose some reasonable part of…

All professional financial trader possess these characteristics

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A professional Financial trader

Becoming a professional trader should not be a myth but a fact that can be achieved, yet many traders never achieve this feat because they do not take into consideration the 8 characteristics every professional trader should possess, they focus more on making as much money as possible from the…

uncommon knowledge about Financial trading

Whether you trade in the stock market or you trade in the forex market you would agreed that it is always very confusing whenever you try to distinguish both markets, this is simply because the markets share alot of similarities but l diving deep into…

Brief breakdown of some of the terms associated with Forex trading

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Before we kick off with the terminologies associated with Forex trading, what is Forex trading in a nutshell? Forex trading is the exchange(buying/selling) of virtual currencies and commodities over a decentralized online marketplace. The Forex market (foreign exchange market ) is the most traded marketplace that churns out over $6…

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